Settling into your Smart Assistant Groove

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

When Alexa Becomes Part of the Family - Slate:

“I thought that I would be continuously testing the new features that came out of it, that it would always be a source of something novel,” Primiano said of her Echo. “But in reality what happened was that I settled down upon certain Alexa features that I use with great regularity, and then I really don’t even explore so much of the other stuff that she can do.”

This seems pretty consistent with most people's experience with the Echo and Google Home. I haven't installed a new skill on my Echo in almost a year, and it's partially because 99% of skills seems to be absolute garbage. Outside of smart home stuff, Jeopardy is the only skill I've installed and actually found useful. I love having these assistants in the house, but they are absolutely relegated to a few tasks that don't change that often. I 100% use my Apple Watch for more tasks than my Google Home or Amazon Echo.