Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

I'm a little worried about people's memories being too short term for it to matter as much as it should, but this shutdown should be gold for anyone running against Trump next year. Here's an example a candidate could make:

"Remember when Trump shut down the government for months, leaving regular folks like you out of work and without a paycheck? He used regular people from both parties as pawns to appease cable news pundits. Working men and women didn’t get paid for over a month because the president wanted to build a wall that he knows doesn’t work, that Republicans know doesn’t work, that the American people didn’t want, and he said Mexico would pay for. He used you. Remember when La Guardia couldn’t let planes take off because TSA agents couldn’t work? Remember when your tax return that you rely on was delayed because the IRS wasn’t properly staffed? We were supposed to be winning so much that we'd be tired of winning. If this is winning, then yes, we’re tired of it, Mr. President.”‬

Beyond the shutdown, the Trump presidency has been a disaster from a policy perspective. He promised so much “on day one” but almost every major legislation he and the Republican party have advanced has failed. The only major win (the tax bill from last year) was opposed by the public, but they passed it anyway. Maybe he's not the "master negotiator" he says he is.

Even if we exclude everything going on with his closest allies quitting or going to prison, the whole Russia thing, the damage to our institutions, the fact casual racism is more acceptable than it was just 2 years ago, and the fact we've been made more divided than in a long time, this presidency has been a disaster.‬