Some Great Wordkflows for WordPress Publishers

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

I had to take a second an write a quick shout out to my buddy Michael Rockwell who has been killing it with custom WordPress scripts for the indie darling app, Workflow. He got my attention with his Push to Ulysses workflow that makes it just a little easier to get content into Ulysses.

The Push to WordPress workflow is a little less "required" for Ulysses users now that Ulysses has native WordPress support, but it's still nice and provides a few more options you might find useful.

He then made one called Upload Image to WordPress which allows you to upload images to your WordPress media library directly from wherever you have the image on your iPhone/iPad.

And finally he just put out a workflow this week called Launch Ulysses which will quickly create a new document in Ulysses.

So yeah, some great stuff here if you're into WordPress or Ulysses, and I happen to be way into both.