Take Your Time to Form an Opinion

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Andy Ihnatko on reviewing tech products:

My immediate plans for the Apple Watch include a quick first-look for the Sun-Times and then (yeeks) at least three weeks of daily wear before I even consider writing up my formal take on it. It’s important to get a lot of serious “deep soak” experience with a device as fresh as this one. I’m a bit suspicious of reviews that land so quickly after the unboxing.

Andy, as usual, is right on point here. I wrote my Apple Watch review after 10 days of use and still called it an “early review.” I took umbridge with reviewers who seem to crank out reviews of products after just a couple days. I bet if you asked some reviewers to be honest, they’d tell you they started writing their review the same day they got a product.

I remain very grateful that I can write a site that is not held to the same deadlines of major tech publications.