Target to Pay $10 Million to Some Victims of 2013 Data Breach

Posted by Matt Birchler
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New York Times - $10 Million Settlement in Target Data Breach Gets Preliminary Approval_)

A federal judge on Thursday gave preliminary approval to a $10 million settlement of a lawsuit brought by customers of Target, which experienced an online attack involving confidential customer data during the holiday season in 2013.

According to documents filed with the United States District Court in Minnesota this month, shoppers affected by the breach could be awarded up to $10,000 each in damages. The settlement includes a draft of the form victims must complete to make claims, processed through a dedicated website.

It should be noted that you are only entitled to some of this money if you can show that you had fraudulant charges on your account, and that you invested time and money into replacing your credit cards or driver’s license AND your bank did not already take care of those costs already. In other words, you probably don’t qualify unless you have a shitty bank.