The Birchtree Newsletter, November 2022

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

Hello! Work has been insane lately, so I've felt behind on all Internet Things recently, but of course there are still some goodies (including a font, I see you, fellow font fanatics 😉).

Birchtree Stuff

Alright, You Wore Me Down, Give Me macOS on an iPad*
For many years I’ve argued that macOS and iPadOS should remain separate, and that you don’t solve the iPad’s problems by just throwing macOS on there. I believed, and still believe, that the touch-first operating system with additional user protections, ease-of-use, and accessibility advantages was…
The iPad is Awesome, Actually
I recently wrote an article that had a pretty negative tone, which was only partially intended. Some people took this as me giving the iPad a well-deserved thrashing, and that wasn’t really my intent. The iPad is Awesome I use a 2021 11″ iPad Pro daily, and it’s the best
An Impossible Game
Apple currently sells 10 distinct Macs and 6 distinct iPads, which is way more than they did when Steve Jobs used the above grid to explain their computer strategy. The Game I need to do two things: 1. Trim the Mac line down to 4 machines to fit this grid.
Why Electron Mac apps make people want to scream
7 awesome things about the Pixel 7

Good Videos

Hank Green with a controversial opinion I can't technically disprove
I love Lego and I love mechanical keyboards, but this looks terrifying
I love hearing Hasan Minhaj talk about creativity, and this conversation is well worth your time