The Blessing and the Curse of Native Apps

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Marco Arment in a Twitter thread:

Native apps can be FAR more creepy (always-on-in-background, cameras, mics, screen recording, etc.), especially on phones (constant location). We lucked out that Macs never really got that kind of “attention” from these asshole companies. But on iOS, they’re ALL native apps.

If I could chuckle for just a minute, I think it’s a little funny how web apps have been looked down on by so many in our community for years, and now it’s like, “do you know how much these native apps can do?! We must have a benevolent dictator keeping us safe or else iOS would descend into madness!”

I for one actually agree that side loading on the iPhone and iPad could lead to unintended issues for users, which is why today’s news about Dutch dating apps is so disappointing. Whether it’s true or not, Apple looks like the richest company in the world and they will extract every penny they possibly can from the merchants who bring value to their platform.