The Constant Anger Brigade is Angry Again

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Gizmodo: Republicans Are Outraged Over a 'Green' Xbox Update

Some Republican pundits and politicians did not like the announcement one bit and are using it as the latest front in the culture war. “Now the woke brigade is after video games all in the name of climate change,” conservative group Young America’s Foundation tweeted. “Xbox will force gamers to power down to fight climate change, touting the first ‘carbon aware console’.”

It's worth nothing as with basically every argument that includes the word "woke,"

  1. This is factually inaccurate.
  2. It's the mad ravings of a culture war that doesn't know how to do anything but be angry at everything.

Don't tell them Apple shipped an update doing exactly this a few months ago, they might throw their iPhones out in disgust.