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The Culmination of Years of Arguments

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read
The Culmination of Years of Arguments

For years people have been telling me that SD cards are a legacy feature, they’re just for a niche of users, and an SD reader didn’t belong on a Mac sold to millions and millions of people (despite Apple marketing their Pro machines specifically at people who use SD cards all the time).

For years I’ve been told that high refresh displays were overrated and 60Hz was fine.

Up until late 2019, I was told that the butterfly keyboard was just fine and people on social media and tech blogs shouldn’t complain about problems that only impacted a small minority of people.

For years I was told the Touch Bar…okay, the Touch Bar actually had very little support, even from the most loyal Apple folks.

Ultimately, 2021 has been a big year of Apple taking my side in many of these online arguments we’ve been having online for years, and it’s been great. Today’s event was fantastic in that regard.

Editor’s note: Matt will continue to use an iPad Pro for most of his work, with his M1 MacBook Air continuing to do quite nicely as a video editor. The new MacBook Pros look bonkers, and I love them, but I won’t own one in the near term; I have plenty of other uses for $2-4k that would serve mer better personally.