The Immoveable Feature Conundrum

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read
The Immoveable Feature Conundrum

Parker Ortolani’s iPadOS 15 concepts on Twitter. They’re good mock ups, and Parker did a great job with these!

What I wanted to mention here is that when iPadOS 14 came out, I tweeted my disappointment that widgets could not be placed randomly around the home screen like they could on the iPhone. I had a few people tell me it just didn’t make sense on the iPad because the icon spacing was different from the iPhone, so the widgets wouldn’t fit nicely.

Parker solved this problem by…wait for it…changing the spacing of the icons on the home screen 🤯

I bring this up because I see it all the time in public discourse about why features are not in a certain release. I call it the Immoveable Feature Conundrum, and it’s everywhere. Why can’t the iPad have widgets around the home screen? Because the icons are too far apart and that can not change, of course. It’s the suggestion that because Feature A is the way it is today, Features X, Y, and Z can never happen, even though Feature A could totally change and no one would bat an eye.

Keep your eye out for this sort of argument, especially around questions like, “I wish iOS had this,” requests and you’ll start to see it everywhere.