The Impact of iPadOS’s Desktop-Class Browsing

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Desktop-Class Safari for iPad: A Hands-On Look at the Difference the iPadOS Update Makes to Apple's Browser - MacStories

For about four years, I’ve sat down at my Mac to produce Club MacStories’ two newsletters using Mailchimp. There’s a lot I like about Mailchimp, but that has never included the company’s web app. […]
That finally changed with iPadOS 13, which brought one of the most extensive updates to Safari ever. The result has been that roughly half of the issues of the Club’s newsletters have been produced on my iPad Pro since October. Before iPadOS, that simply wasn’t possible.

I have had occasional issues with Safari on my iPad since iPadOS was released, but they have been far and few between, which is a welcome change from before. Apps like Google Docs even work better on the web than in their native apps, which is a really bad look for those apps.