The Land Grab

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Peter Kafka: This is as good as movies are going to get

This glut of great streaming stuff is literally a glut, and no one in the business thinks that it’s going to last forever. The giant tech and media companies funding the production boom have no intention of doing it in perpetuity. Right now, they are telling themselves they’re in land-grab mode as they try to compete with each other and attract paying subscribers. But once the frontier is settled, they plan on returning to something like a normal mode, where they’re not tossing money at anyone with a script.

It will be interesting to see if this massive amount of money being thrown around by streaming companies is at all sustainable. Are tech giants spending like crazy on content and talent right now because they want to get their subscriber numbers as high as possible as quickly as possible, or are they in this for the long haul? I genuinely don't know, but it would be a shame if the tech giants use their deep pockets to box out the companies dedicated to making films and television, and then lose interest since media isn't their core competency.

I'm super happy that I'm hearing so many stories about companies like Apple giving their creators a lot of control and a lot of cash to make great art, but I do hope the passion sticks around.