The New Math Around Cloud Storage Options

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Google announced some changes to their Drive storage options today, and that changes the math around how the major cloud storage providers stack up. The last time there was something to talk about here, one year ago, Apple basically crushed the competition at every price point (minus the free tier). With Google’s new pricing, the winners shift a little bit.

Google still wins in terms of most free storage and has matched Apple at most price points. Apple has a better 99¢ deal (100GB) but Google gets you a little more at $1.99 (100GB).

Here’s how they match up if you’re looking for specific storage amounts.

Google does a lot better here today. iCloud still holds up well, but it’s no longer the clear winner.


In terms of straight GB per dollar, Google and Apple are basically in a stalemate here. But as I have tried to communicate over and over, this comparison does not tell the full story. Regardless, it’s good to see Google improve their storage options, especially considering they make better use of this space (no backups or photo storage, if you are okay with a little compression).