TOMS Apple Watch Bands

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Okay, I want these. TOMS is the company who famously give 1 pair of shoes to people in need for every pair they sell. It's a great initiative, and something that more companies should strive to match.

This week the company announced they are selling Apple Watch bands, and of course that gets me excited. My one qualm with these is that every band TOMS is selling seems to only come with a silver connector, which is going to clash with my dark Watch. Still, that blue and white band looks sharp!

And what's the perk of buying one of these things? Obviously TOMS isn't going to give people in need an Apple Watch band, which would just be…bizarre. Nope, they're working with SolarAid and Solar Sister to give 1 year of solar light to someone out there who needs it.

It makes me think hard about my priorities when I compare buying another watch band for my Apple Watch, both things that are completely unnecessary but lovely items, to the needs of someone who actually needs help to get access to artificial light whenever they needs it is sobering. Buying this watch band would help someone, but maybe I should assess what else I can do that helps people who are in far harder positions than I can understand.