Trackers Find a Way

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Spy pixels are evolving like malware, so HEY's adapting - Signal v. Noise

We knew that spy-pixel pushers might go down the rabbit hole of escalation once we gave HEY users the power to defend themselves. Just like virus and malware makers are constantly trying to defeat anti-virus and other security protections. But I guess we didn’t realize just how quickly it would happen!

I’m not fainting over the idea that tracking pixels in emails, but I do like that Hey is working to block these in my email.

This lead to an in-depth investigation into how their latest techniques work, and we spent the whole day coming up with a new process of detecting GMass’ spy pixels. It just shipped! And now HEY will name’n’shame GMass, just like we do the other fifty-odd pushers of this kind of surveillance.

And it’s good to see Basecamp responding quickly when they hear of these new trackers. I’m sure it’s a constant struggle, and it will never be perfect, but I’m happy to use an email service that is doing something here. This would be a nice feature in Apple Mail next year, just saying!