By Matt Birchler
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We’re Living Through a Revolution in Note Taking

We’re Living Through a Revolution in Note Taking

The Coming Research App Revolution — MacSparky

This influx of cross-linking, dynamic referencing, and the linkable chaos that these apps create feel, to me, like something entirely new, and that bell is not going to get unrung. Not only do I expect these apps to push further ahead with these tools, but I also anticipate other apps to develop in the same direction. A year from now, we are going to have some fantastic options.

Some folks will be annoyed by another mention of Roam, but I think to ignore what that service is doing to the entire note taking market is to ignore the most important thing happening right now.

This feels to me like when the iPhone came out and all other phone makers had to go, “oh, we need to think about things differently, and we absolutely need to steal a bunch of these new ideas because we’re going to get left in the dust if we don’t”.

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