We're Still Talking About How Bad this Metal Gear Character was 7 Years Later

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Ashley Bardhan: Metal Gear Turned 35, But Quiet’s Character Design Marks A Timeless Controversy

That’s what Quiet’s bullshit vocal cord parasites really are. Not a plot point created by a genius to make us feel ashamed of our words and deeds and counter the exceedingly tired confines we impose on women in media. The parasites are nothing more than a handwaved explanation for softcore capitalism. Quiet’s bikini body sells products, not empowerment, though the game tries to align with Kojima’s argument for skimpy clothing cleverly indicating female empowerment as well.

I'm a huge Metal Gear fan, I think Kojima is an incredible voice in the world, and Metal Gear Solid 5 was my favorite game the year it came out, but the explanation for why Quiet had to look the way she did was bullshit from the start. It's a shame too, because Kojima has done quite well in creating female characters over the decades, but Quiet is cringe every moment she's on screen.