What Apple Has Up Their Sleeves Next Week

Posted by Matt Birchler
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What Apple Has Up Their Sleeves Next Week

Daring Fireball: Apple Announces Virtual ‘Time Flies’ Event Next Tuesday

If they only have an hour of story to tell about the new products, the event will last only an hour. There’s an upper limit of just over two hours on event duration, but there’s no lower limit. Apple is keenly aware their special events garner outsized attention largely because they seldom waste our time with them. And it feels natural for virtual events to be shorter than in-person ones — the WWDC keynote was shorter than usual, even though it contained more information than most years.

This, a million times this. Pre-produced videos have the benefit of being:

  1. More controlled
  2. Having higher production values
  3. Shoving more information into less time

Apple is in no way limited by filling some 2 hour time slot, they are limited by how many times they can grab the public’s attention and how far out from release they want to announce their products.