What Does 30% Cost?

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

inessential: Apple’s Thirty Percent Cut

To put it in concrete terms: the difference between 30% and something reasonable like 10% would probably have meant some of my friends would still have their jobs at Omni, and Omni would have more resources to devote to making, testing, and supporting their apps.
But Apple, this immensely rich company, needs 30% of Omni’s and every single other developer’s paycheck?

In the 1 minute it took you to read this link post, Apple made $87,000 in profits. By this time tomorrow, they’ll have made $125 million more…in profits.

Sure, Apple is incentivized to make as much money as possible, I get that, but that’s for Apple to care about, not for us. My beef comes with the attitude that merchants selling software on the App Store should be thankful they get anything at all. I’m genuinely beside myself with how often people take Apple’s side over struggling indie developers.

As I’ve documented in detail already, there are secure ways for merchants not named Apple to take payments, and at remarkably lower costs than than they would pay going through Apple’s system. We need to talk about payments and software distribution like it is today, not like it was in 2005.