What Getting Back to Normal Looks Like

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Finding Normalcy in the Abnormal - The New York Times

Hong Kong has recorded just three locally transmitted cases in the last 30 days. Only four people are reported to have died of Covid-19. The government has loosened social-distancing restrictions, allowing civil servants to go back to work and restaurants to return to full capacity, instead of half.
But that’s not the only reason the virus no longer seems to rule every facet of life here. While fear and anxiety linger, Hong Kongers seem particularly adept at living with those emotions — maybe not embracing this strange new reality, but not recoiling from it either.
That unflappability has struck me sharply during my time here.

This is a good read on what it’s been like getting back to “normal” in Hong Kong has looked like in recent weeks.

Also, I had to check the stats to make sure that was right…4 total deaths among Hong Kong’s 7.5 million people? Per capita, that’s 1/560th as many deaths as here in the US, which is a shockingly different situation.