What the Hell Happened with the Pixel 5?

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Pixel 5 review: Google spends its bill-of-materials budget unwisely | Ars Technica

With so many of Google's "premium" changes being a wash, there are not many obvious reasons to pick the Pixel 5 for $350 more than the Pixel 4a. The most obvious improvement is the 90Hz display and bigger battery. Those are nice, but they aren't worth $350 extra. You also get wireless charging and IP68 water resistance with the Pixel 5, but other than that, the Pixel 4a has the same main camera, better speakers, the same software and update plan, at times a faster SoC, and less build quality issues with the display gap.

People are giving Google credit for making a “cheaper” Pixel this year, but did they really? The iPhone Mini is better in every way, except maybe battery, and it’s the same price. And when compared to Google’s own Pixel 4a, a phone at half the price and basically as good or better in ways, it’s hard to see who should buy the Pixel 5.

Even me, a dedicated Pixel owner, wasn’t even tempted to get a Pixel 5 this year. My Pixel 4 is better in most regards, again except battery.