Why Newsletters? Some Answers

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Numeric Citizen in response to my request for insight into the newsletter hype:

Link posts can be done in newsletters and they won’t go viral for sure. But, I’m not really looking for this kind of fame to be honest.

It’s definitely worth noting that maximizing readers is not always the goal. I would point out that while you technically can do link posts with newsletters, how often do you see those on blogs, or as links to them on Twitter? It happens, but I almost never see it myself.

This bit also stood out to me:

My Numeric Citizen Introspection newsletter is a monthly one. I start writing the next issue at the beginning of each month. I hit “Publish and send” at the very end of each month.

I can see why that would be satisfying to someone, but it’s the complete opposite of how I work. I like to go from idea to published in as little time as possible. Some things warrant more time and attention, but I don’t even like to schedule my posts because it makes me uncomfortable to have a completed work that is in limbo between my brain and the world.

Also, can you imagine if I saved everything up for one mega post at the end of every month? I hope your RSS reader can handle that much text 😋