Wide Weirdo Walls

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read
Wide Weirdo Walls

Well, it was inevitable, wasn't it? After Weirdo Walls, a collection of phone wallpapers generated with Midjourney and tweaked by me, a set of desktop wallpapers seemed only natural.

Check out Wide Weirdo Walls on Gumroad. They're free, and you should totally feel good not paying anything for them (especially if you paid for the first set ❤️).

Read that original post for how this was done, as it's all the same with the exception of my discovery of the "aspect ratio" command Midjourney offers, which allowed me to generate 16:9 images.

I will say that my ability to upscale these to suitable quality for large desktop monitors was not as good as the phone ones, but I did my best, and tried to hone in on styles of images that looked better blown up.

Again, this is a continuation of my experimentation with these generation tools to see what they can practically do today. Here's a few wallpaper packs I've bought from artists over the last couple years, and I think each of these is great if you wanted to directly support people doing amazing work.