Ori and the Will of the Wisps 4K Wallpapers

The artwork in the new Ori and the Will of the Wisps is absolutely beautiful, and I've seen more than a few reviews comment on how any freeze frame from this game could be a desktop wallpaper. Well, let's give that a shot! Below are a bunch of wallpapers straight from moments in the first hour of the game.

All wallpapers are 4K and include a download link in case saving from here compresses them at all.

Download Ori 1.

Download Ori 2.

Download Ori 3.

Download Ori 4.

Download Ori 5.

2020 Apple Watch-Themed Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

2020 Apple Watch-Themed Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

Ok, the title is a bit of a mouthful, but I think there are a good number of people who will enjoy this calendar based on the Numerals Duo face on the Apple Watch.

Download the full res versions here!

These take a bit of time to create, so if you want me to finish the year and/or make different color versions to match your preferred color scheme, let me know on Twitter.

WWDC20 Wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

WWDC20 Wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Alright folks, it's that time of year again! Before the new ones, check out my wallpapers from the last 4 years of WWDC below:

Alright, now onto the new ones! All wallpapers are in two versions, and at higher resolutions than you should need on any modern device, so I hope you like them!

iPhone (1242x2688)

iPhone collection

iPad (4098x3072)

iPad Collection

Desktop (5760x3240)

Desktop Collection

Desktop Ultrawide (7560x3240)

Ultrawide collection

Pixel 4a Wallpaper in Stupid High Resolution

Pixel 4a Wallpaper in Stupid High Resolution

I saw that someone made versions of the leaked Pixel 4a wallpapers, and while I love the start, I thought I should take it to my normal ridiculous level and make the most fun one in a stupid high resolution.

So here is the main colorful one (let me know if you want more) in a truly ridiculous 2428x4950 resolution. That should be enough to keep this looking crisp on phones for years down the line. Download the full resolution version below. Enjoy!

Download here.

Dark, Textured Wallpapers

Dark, Textured Wallpapers

I made some dark wallpapers which just a little texture, and I think they’ll go nicely with any minimalist look you’re going for on your phone, tablet, or desktop. These were all shot on the iPhone 11 Pro and are shared at their native resolution.

Cacheing may downgrade the quality you get from saving the images straight from this page, so I’ve included download links to the full res versions below each one.


Direct Download 1

Direct Download 2

Direct Download 3

Direct Download 4

You can also download desktop version of these here:

Desktop 1

Desktop 2

Desktop 3

Desktop 4

UPDATE! I took some more photos with the Pixel 4 and got some of those in the mix too.

Pixel Download 1

Pixel Download 2

Pixel Download 3

Pixel Download 4

Apple's Kawasaki Store Wallpapers

Apple has a new store opening in Kawasaki, Japan in two weeks and they have some art to go along with it. Below are some very high res wallpapers based on that imagery. Enjoy!

Reminder to always click the link to the full res image and not the preview image on this page since WordPress will compress those images and you won't get the highest quality possible.


Download iPhone version with Apple logo

Download iPhone version with square

Download iPhone version with no logo


Download Desktop version with Apple logo

Download Desktop version with square

Download Desktop version with no logo