WordleForever is a Gift from the Heavens

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Federico Viticci and Finn Voorhees have teamed up to make something amazing:

So in the spirit of game preservation (a topic I care deeply about) and out of skepticism regarding the future of Wordle as a NYT product, I teamed up with Finn Voorhees to create WordleForever, a shortcut that lets you back up the entire Wordle game offline – on your device – using Apple’s Shortcuts app so you can keep playing the game for the next few decades.

This only works on the lates iOS betas, but when those (hopefully) ship in a few weeks, I can’t recommend this shortcut enough. I’ve been using it all week and it’s just incredible. The shortcut stores the entire World web app in iCloud for you and serves up the local app when you open it.

Basically, if you are at all worried about the New York Times messing with perfection, then this is your chance to save perfection to your own computer.

As a bonus, I really see this as a huge argument for the open web. If Wordle was an app on the App Store, then you would effectively have no choice but to deal with whatever changes come to the app in the future. Instead, you have full control and can run your own version of the game on your own forever. This Shortcuts implementation of archiving the game is one way to do it, but you could also do this on any computer out there.

As ever, the World success story just makes me smile at every turn.

Update: If Shortcuts isn't your jam, then you can just go to the Wordle page and hit CMD+S (0r Ctrl+S on Windows) to save the page as a local "web archive". The disadvantage here is this currently only works on macOS and Windows, not iOS or iPadOS, but it is super easy to set up.