Podcast #204: Don’t Trust the Comments

The conversation online, specifically in places like Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit, tend to focus on the technical merits of products and not the actually product-focused elements of things like phones and computers. Today’s off-the-cuff episode (and my third of the week!) addresses this disconnect.

Podcast #200: Episode 200! Why Hardware Still Matters in 2019

This kind of snuck up on me, so thank you for listening for 200 episodes! Today, on the eve of a new iPhone announcement, I talk about why hardware still matters in 2019, specifically in terms of photography, as well as why Google seems to get all the credit when it comes to “computational photography.”

Podcast #194: Did the iPhone Kill Phone Design?

Turn on voice boost in your podcast app for this episode. I apparently drifted away from the mic around the middle of the episode and I couldn’t get the audio to be totally level throughout…sorry :(

The iPhone undeniably shifted our thinking as a society about what a phone is, but did it “kill design” while it was at it? I argue it didn’t kill design, but had a design that was so far ahead of what everyone else was doing that it made little sense to keep pursuing those older designs.

This episode was inspired by and includes a clip from this video from Austin Evans.