Building My First iPhone App - Day 3

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

I hit a wall today, and that wall's name was "tuples." Fucking tuples.

I shouldn't be mad at enums in particular, but this step in the training has taken a decidedly sharp increase in difficulty. We're starting to link multiple aspects of Swift together instead of just doing one thing at a time. This is good to be doing, but it feels a bit like we're taking the training wheels off.

I slaved away at creating some simple programs that analyzed a given name and told you whether that person is one of my co-corkers or not. It took a couple tries and I was completely stuck a couple times (staring at the screen, asking "what do you want from me!?").

Then, after nailing down my own program, I took the Treehouse test, and was stuck again. "They didn't show me how to do this!" So I experimented and tried to be clever and after an embarrassingly long time, I got it figured out.