By Matt Birchler
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How Apple Wins Its Way Into Your Wallet

The same strategy that helped make Jay-Z’s Tidal a disaster is making Apple look brilliant - BGR

Having celebrities speak at launch events or appear in commercials is nice, but it’s not fooling anyone. When Matthew McConaughey waxes poetic while driving around in a Lincoln, we all know that he’s being paid to wax poetic and drive around in a Lincoln. Then the director yells “cut” and Matthew gets driven to lunch in the back of an S Class or some other luxury car.

But look at Beyonce. She’s not driving around in a Lincoln. She’s not splashing some water on her face in slow motion in a soap commercial. She’s just living her life, chilling on a private jet, rocking a gorgeous gold Apple Watch.

It’s often said that Apple is where it is today thanks to its expert marketing. Some say that’s how they sell so many sub-par products, but they’re wrong.

Apple makes great products that people love to use; it’s as simple as that. They have great marketing, but their products thrive on word of mouth. When Beyonce wears an Apple Watch, she gets it in peoples’ heads. When I wear mine, I get my friends, family, and co-workers asking me about it. And in a few weeks or months[1] they are going to find a rationalization to go to an Apple Store and buy their own.

This is how Apple works, and they do it better than anyone else.

  1. When they’re actually in stock.  ↩
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