Big Changes on the Horizon!

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

This may not really be that important to anyone reading this, but I thought it was at least worth sharing a few changes I’ll be going through in the near future.

First, I’m moving this week! My wife and I are ready to move to something a little more spacious, so starting Tuesday this week, I’ll have keys to a new place that has all the things our current apartment lacks. Private entrance, laundry, central air, etc. It’s all there. I’m even going to have an actual office to optimize for podcast recording. No more recording in my living room!

Considering 3 short years ago we were living with my wife’s parents for a while, we’re super excited to have moved on.

Some of you may know that I currently live less than a mile from my work, so I usually walk there (15 minutes) or bike (4 minutes). This new place is a few miles away, so I’m going to have to start driving to work again. I’ll definitely miss the walk when it’s December and these Midwestern roads are icy as all get out.

And finally, we’re almost certainly getting a dog in the next few weeks. I’ve never owned a pet bigger than a goldfish, but I love dogs, so in a way I’m actually more excited about this than anything else.

TLDR: I’ll try to keep up the podcast on a regular clip, but posts here may slow down for a week or two 😜