Review: Grave Suspicion by Aaron Mahnke

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

Grave Suspicion excels as a summer weekend read. It’s a tight thriller that keeps things fresh and interesting from start to finish. It’s the sort of book that I feel comfortable recommending to just about everyone.

The story follows Sam, a generally average guy (by his own intent) who has the decidedly non-average ability to see moments into the future and detect certain events. While this ability is a blessing in some ways, it has also lead Sam to a very complicated and lonely life. Some people appreciate his talent, especially those who he is able to help, but there always seem to be some who are put off by these odd skills. This has lead to a nomadic life for Sam.

Sam has been living like this for his entire adult life, and Grave Suspicion picks right as his world begins to accelerate down a more dangerous path than ever before. Author Aaron Mahnke does a great job of introducing characters and getting you up to speed on their reality quickly. Within pages, you understand Sam’s situation and his motivations within the first few pages. This knack for efficient exposition is a trait of previous Mahnke works as well. You’ve got to appreciate an author who appreciates the need for exposition, but does’t get lost in it.

The book moves along with a speedy pace, never spending too much time in any one scene. There’s no filler in this book. Every scene is there for a purpose. You don’t get scenes with characters just living together in the world, they are constantly being moved forward by the plot. This is a part of what makes it such a fun read, but it also is what holds it back from being a truly great book. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the book, but because it’s so focused on plot over characters, it’s not something I see myself coming back to over and over.

Grave Suspicion is very good book, and you shouldn’t be turned off by the fact that it may be a one-and-done read. I read this book over a 2 day span, and didn’t want to put it down. The plot moves forward at such a speed that something of significance happens in every chapter. I got that “just one more chapter” feeling many times when reading through this book. Go read this book.

Grave Suspicion is available on Amazon as well as iBooks. At $5.99, this book should be a no-brainer.