Can People Actually Notice the Difference between 60 and 90Hz Displays? (Yes)

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

From Reddit, this guy got my dad a OnePlus 7 Pro, which runs at 90Hz. His dad used it for a month and the son flipped the phone down to 60Hz (aka what basically every phone on the market runs at) to see if he would notice. Long story short, he did and asked why his phone was so “laggy.”

60Hz has long been the gold standard in UI animation speeds, but I think these higher refresh rates are going to spoil people as soon as they get into a phone tons of people use.

The 2017 iPad Pro was my first personal high refresh screen and its 120Hz has made me want this in everything. I’m hoping the iPhone 11 or 12 gets this display tech as well. If the iPhone gets this, then there’s no going back, all phone are going to have them in no time, and I can’t wait.