The Best Cheap Phone You Can Buy

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

I own an iPhone 6 plus, which is not a cheap phone by any means, but I love the fact that anyone can get a pretty good smartphone experience for a much more reasonable price. There's quite the dichotomy between the tech conversations we have here and what regular people have. We may obsess over the disparity in pixel density between the iPhone and the new Samsung Galaxy S6 while others would just say "you can't see the pixels anyway, so what are you arguing about?" I'm happy there are some good phones being made for this group.

It's also a little surprising to see Motorola so involved in these "best phone" conversations. After many years in the desert, it seems they have found their footing recently. The Verge recommends the Moto G in the video, and says their second choice is the Moto E. At the same time, the high end Moto X is a favorite of many people. Finally, Motorola also makes the Nexus 6, which is the nerdy Android phone of choice. They're making some pretty good phones for a company that has been passed around and written off for so long.