Cinema Time Review: Tracking Movies in Style

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

I’ve long used Television Time as my TV tracking app, and I jumped for joy when I heard that my friend, Maximilian Litteral, was releasing a sister app for movies. The app is called Cinema Time and it’s on the App Store today.

You’ve likely used a movie tracking app before, and if you haven’t then it’s not that complicated, so I won’t go in to crazy detail here what the app does, but I’ll give you three reasons I like this app.

One, I love the design. This app just looks good and that matters a lot to me when using a movie tracking service. Tracking the movies you have watched and want to watch can be extra work, and a good looking app makes it more likely I’ll actually go in there and add something.

Two, the app makes it easy to find and edit stuff. The app helps keep a list of movies you want to see (watchlist) and movies you have seen already. Once you select a movie, you can add it to movies you want to watch or add it to your collection and add a rating very quickly.

Three, the power of Trakt. Letterboxd is the big name in town when it comes to tracking movies, but Trakt is a really nice alternative that I find works just as well in my use. They have a great website and the ability for third party apps like Cinema Time to tap into their API is a big win in my book. That means that I can take my data between apps and I don’t have to be tied to this one app, even if I like it. And if you are already using Letterboxd, it ain't super easy to do, but you can import your history into Trakt.

There are a bunch of other features I like, such as being able to allow the app to add a movies calendar to your iCloud account so you have all of the movies you’re anticipating on your calendar. I also like having access to Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, and Metacritic scores all in one place, as well as trailer access inside each movie.

Cinema Time is available on the App Store today for $4.99 and is definitely worth a look for anyone who has ever thought about getting a better grip on their movie watching habits.