Documenting DLC’s 2019 Gaming Predictions

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

This post is intended to be most helpful to Jeff Cannata and Christian Spicer, but hopefully someone else will enjoy seeing all of their bold and “Cool Ranch” predictions from their latest episode of DLC (which also happens to be my favorite gaming podcast out there).

Bold Predictions

1:18:29: Christian says new console versions shown by Nintendo and Microsoft (Switch 1.5 and disk-less Xbox One).

1:19:52: Jeff says GamePass gets third party AAA games on day one

1:20:54: Christian says Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding miss 2019

1:22:48: Jeff says Sony has multiple Nintendo Direct-style updates through the year

1:23:43: Christian says Anthem gets solid reviews and it will miss expectations in terms of traction with fans

1:27:13: Jeff says Diablo 4 is announced, it's not called "Diablo 4", and many jokes are made by Blizzard about how it's not a mobile game, it releases early 2020

1:27:47: Christian basically says "ditto"

1:28:27: Jeff says 2019 will be the year licensed games (like Spider-Man this year) have a huge year

1:29:57: Christian says Call of Duty or Battlefield release a $19.99 or less battle royale game as a standalone game

1:32:00: Jeff says Gears 5 has a battle royale mode, just in time for the genre to wane in popularity

1:33:35: Jeff says the next Assassin's Creed is set in feudal Japan and it comes out before Ghosts of Sushima

Cool Ranch

1:36:18: Christian says Microsoft fully reveals their next generation console

1:37:10: Jeff says Microsoft debuts the next Xbox at E3, Halo Infinite is a launch title, and they'll make it super cheap to upgrade to the new version on the new Xbox

1:40:33: Christian says the next Apple TV will be a viable gaming console via streaming game tech

1:42:00: Jeff says Nintendo announces a new Zelda game coming out in 2019 and it's in the style of the old DS Zelda games

1:42:25: Christian says Nintendo announces a new Zelda or Mario game, and teases a new Donkey Kong game

1:43:10: Jeff says Metroid Prime 4 is a third person open world role playing game, not a first person shooter or sidescroller. Also, it's not going to be called "Metroid Prime 4"

1:44:03: Christian says something surpasses Fortnite

1:45:06: Jeff says Google announces and releases gaming hardware

1:46:05: Christian says Kingdom Hearts 3 and Ghosts of Sushima are in "game of the year" conversations

1:46:26: Christian says Insomniac gives us more Spider-Man content. An expansion-style, standalone game in the spirit of Uncharted Lost Legacy

1:48:00: Jeff says 2019 will be the best year yet for VR. New hardware from Oculus and Valve, there will be another PSVR exclusive called Star Child and will be a game of the year contender