By Matt Birchler
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Don't Miss Out on Your Golden Trump Award

Nick Heer: Republicans Ignore Door Opened for Them and Sue Google

Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee has continued to send out emails promising subscribers the “GOLDEN TRUMP” award if they donate money within the hour. They really sent that email. And they also sent one with the subject line “READ THIS MESSAGE IMMEDIATELY”. And they pretend to wonder why these kinds of messages get marked as spam.

To be clear, blatant span-style messaging is getting filtered to spam folders, Google set up a program to allow political candidates to avoid these filters while keeping the same spammy messaging, Republican candidates have not opted into this program, and now they're suing.

Irrational suits and unconstitutional laws to stick it to tech companies is kinda the Republican go-to these days, so I shouldn't be surprised. It's political posturing , nothing else.

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