By Matt Birchler
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DuckDuckGo Updates Their Extension and Browser, Complete with Privacy Grades

DuckDuck Go on their company blog:

Today we're excited to launch fully revamped versions of our browser extension and mobile app, extending DuckDuckGo's protection beyond the search box to wherever the Internet takes you.

I don’t know if I’ll use their iOS/Android browser, but I’ve already installed the desktop extension and have checked out a few of my favorite sites. I think it would be great if tons of people installed this and got a sense for how private (or not) the websites they visit are.

In the interest of transparency, BirchTree gets a “C” grade from DuckDuckGo due to the fact they don’t have a read on my privacy practices and that I use of several trackers they felt worth blocking. I use:

  • Google Analytics for web traffic stats
  • Carbon Ads for website revenue (way better for your privacy than just about any other ad company)
  • WordPress has its own built in stats that I use as a backup in case something happens to my Google account

For fun, I also looked at Facebook to see what DuckDuckGo thought of them. The results were as I expected:

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