Enjoy Your HomePod Apple Music Playlist

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Back when the HomePod was new, I made a playlist with a bunch of songs I thought would sound great on Apple's then new speaker. Since then, I'm not sure a day hs gone by without me getting a notification that someone has added that playlist to thier library. The thing is that playlist is 3 years old and there has been so much that's come out since then that sounds great on the HomePod too!

Today I spent a few minutes and made a new playlist with 50 songs, most of which came out 2017-2020, that sound fantastic on any nice speaker, including the HomePod. And if Apple does indeed release a HomePod Mini this fall, you can bet these will sound good there too.

Fair warning, this list is made up of music that aligns with my taste, and it also includes a few songs with strong language, so pay attention to those explicit warnings on a few songs.

Try this link if you can't add from the player below.