Goodies: April 28

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

This week’s Goodies is going to be compeltely Apple Watch-free. Considering that the damn watch has been all I’ve wanted to talk about over the past week (and presumably for a few more weeks after this), I figured it was a good idea to break free for a bit and thing about the other awesome things out there in the world. For example, this ad by Abed and the Dean from Community:

New Music

New Movies

Links of Note

Bonus video this week. I generally don’t to video games video on YouTube (although I know it’s a huge deal for younger people), but I love the guys over at Funhaus, and thought this video of them playing a ridiculous race in GTA5 Online is a lot of fun.

Swag of the Week

You can get this shit over at Teespring for a cool $19. The shirt is based on iStat Menu’s awesome icon. Even if you don’t use thier app, the shirt itself is pretty darn rad.