Goodies: February 24

Posted by Matt Birchler
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This was far-and-away the best moment of The Oscars. Fantastic!

First off, 2 things about The Order: 1886. Digital Foundry has done its tech analysis of the game. If any game this year has deserved a deep dive into its tech and performance, it's this game. Second, this positive review on GameTrailers is pretty much in line with my thoughts on the game. This game does not deserve to the whipping boy it has become.

Myke Hurley rebooted his Iquisitive podcast this week. He dives into the early days of iPhone app development, and the show is amazing! I have to join the chorus of people who think this has raised the bar for what we can do in tech podcasting. You can hear some behind-the-scenes commentary about the show on Myke's other show, Analog(ue).

Major League Baseball is getting new rules this year to try and speed up games. SBNation dives into each change so you understand them this coming season.

I'm getting an Apple Watch on day one, so this article at Wareable previews some of the apps we'll be getting early on, and they look gooooood.

Ben Brooks has an awesome article on why he thinks the iPhone 6 Plus is the best iPhone for getting work done.

This is super awesome news for those who don't want to drop $350+ on an Apple Watch. Jailbreak developer, Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh got iOS notifications to show up on a Moto 360.

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