Goodies: October 27

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

No real update this week, everyone. It’s busy times over here at BirchTree headquarters, so we’re getting straight to the good stuff!

New Games

  • Halo 5: Guardians (XBO)
  • Divinity: Original Sin Deluxe (PS4/XBO/PC/Mac)
  • The Park (PC)

Links of Note

In Defense of the New York Times - Stratechery

The fact of the matter is that The New York Times almost certainly got various details of the Amazon story wrong. The mistake most critics made, though, was in assuming that any publication ever got everything completely correct. Baquet’s insistence that good journalism starts a debate may seem like a cop-out, but it’s actually a far healthier approach than the old assumption that any one publication or writer or editor was ever in a position to know “All the News That’s Fit to Print.”

Why I Ditched Evernote for Apple Notes — and How You Can Too - David Pogue

My suspicion was right: Even with nearly 1,400 pages of notes, Apple’s notes app opens up much faster than Evernote ever did. Searching is instantaneous, the design is clean and simple, and syncing with the phone and tablet is effortless.

And as a handy bonus, I can also search or edit my notes on, from any computer in the world.

Samsung Pay vs. Apple Pay: There's a difference

Though we haven't tested Samsung Pay in the real world yet, it's already clear it requires a couple steps more than Apple Pay. With Apple Pay, you tap your phone to the payment terminal and scan your finger -- even if the phone is locked. This is a huge win for Apple Pay, as there is very little friction during a mobile payment transaction.

With Samsung Pay, you first have to choose your credit card, scan your fingerprint and then tap the phone to the terminal. And unlike Apple Pay, we don't yet know if you'll have to unlock your device before completing these steps.

Social Anxiety - Brent Simmons

I hated school even through my couple years in college. And here’s what that kindergartener’s fear turned into: the conviction that most people are likable, but that somehow I’m marked, and people can tell instantly, just by looking, that I’m not likable.

This feeling of being marked, of being obviously unlikable in some fundamental and obvious-to-everyone way, persisted into my early 20s.

So dumb and wrong.

How the 6s Plus Is Reshaping My iPhone Experience - MacStories

Overall, however, I'm convinced that the 6 Plus was the right decision for me, and the 6s Plus solidifies it in every way. The new Touch ID sensor is a pleasure to use as I can get to my apps (and use 1Password) more quickly than ever. Apps, widgets, and extensions are snappier and I can run my workflows – which include Python scripts, too – without delays and random lock-ups. More RAM means apps I'm using stay active for longer and widgets can load information in a second without glitches. 3D Touch, in its various forms9, is rethinking iPhone navigation and the idea of previewing content and using shortcuts. Apps without 3D Touch actions are already feeling out of place – as if they lack an important new dimension.

Swag of the Week

   <img src="" alt="Image via Studio Neat"/> Image via Studio Neat 

For those of you buying a new Apple TV this week, you may be interested in this nice little $12 stand for your remote from Studio Neat. Is it overkill? Yes. However, after years of having (and losing) the tiny Apple TV remote, I know that it’s a good idea to have a place you always put the remote so you don’t lose it.