Hey: Feature Requests and Improvements I’d Love to See

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

I’m also sending a version of this to their support team directly, but I'd love to hear if this lines up with what other people are thinking about the hot new controversial email service, Hey.

  1. The iPad app needs to get keyboard shortcuts to gain parity with the web app (ironically, the iPad app appears to use some web components, so sometimes you’ll see the shortcut letters appear on buttons, but you can’t use them).
  2. The iPhone and Android apps need gestures to move between the Imbox, Feed, and Paper Trail. At the very least, they may want to consider a navigation bar at the bottom. I know they want to make the Imbox the primary location you spend time, but it’s two taps to get anywhere else, which seems unnecessary.
  3. Also, moving a single email to another location (like a receipt to your Paper Trail) means hitting “More”, then “Move”, and then “Paper Trail” buttons.
  4. The Feed needs to do a better job of telling me when there's something new in it. I may not want to see this stuff in my inbox, but I would like to know when I should look at it at all.
  5. The Feed also needs to somehow differentiate messages I've seen before and those that are new. Right now I don't walkways know how much I've seen before so I'm scrolling by some messages a few times. I'm seeing these emails more than I would have if I saw them once and archived them, which is not the goal of this feed.
  6. I buy things from some stores regularly, which means I get receipts and marketing emails from them. I’d like to have their near-daily messages go the The Feed, but the receipts would be better in one of the other areas. I’d like it if Feed items that looked like receipts were automatically thrown in my Imbox instead so I could make sure I see them.
  7. Finally on The Feed, is like to have anything I've seen and is more than 24 hours old disappear from the feed by default. Let me expand to see more if I want, but this would help trim this page down.
  8. The Paper Trail is cool, but I would love to see them do more to make this more powerful than a label like you'd add in Gmail. I'd love to see this page to have a dollar amount added to it, either by automatically crawling the messages to find the total, or allowing the user to manually enter the amount. Turning this into more of a transaction history than a list of emails would be awesome.
  9. Also on the Paper Trail, while I may not want to see those right next to my inboxed emails, I would like to more obviously see when a new one comes in. Maybe this is an indicator on the Imbox page or something, but this should be easier to see without a dedicated visit to the Paper Trail page.

That’s it for now, although I’m sure there will be more things that come up as I keep using it. Frankly, I’m coming around on the service the more I use it. It definitely feels like it has a lot of room to grow, but that’s good: Basecamp seems committed to making this thing work, and I know their product people care about making great software, so I hope to see at least some of these features added in time.

Update: Sent via official channels 😁