HomePod as an Accessibility Device

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

First Impressions of HomePod — Steven's Blog

Accessibility. Like everything else Apple makes, HomePod is an accessible product. Apple officially lists two: VoiceOver and Touch Accommodations. If use VoiceOver on your iOS device, it is automatically turned on when you set up HomePod.

I love that Apple has included accessibility features in the HomePod. I'm also taken with the idea that the HomePod is already a device that by its very nature is accessible to people who a phone or computer is not ideal. Since there is no visual interface when using the HomePod (or any smart speaker, for that matter), it is a more useful interface for those with vision impairments, or any other impairment that hinders use of a visual, touch, or text-based interface.

Worth at least thinking about if you contend that voice features “don’t matter” on HomePod.