HomePod is Growing, but is Still Pretty Niche

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Strategy Analytics: HomePod sales grew in 2019, but Amazon and Google still lead - 9to5Mac

I enjoy my HomePod, I really do! It's not the best smart speaker out there, but as someone who is heavily into the Apple ecosystem, it's the best option for me.

As for why the HomePod saw some growth last quarter, I have to think the price drop to $299 helped, if for no other reason that it made the sale price over the holiday in many places $199, which I think is a perfect price for what this thing offers.

Which brings me back to the thing I've been suggesting since 2017 😬

If for no other reason than the privacy advantage of having an Apple mic in your house vs one from Amazon or Google, having a more affordable and more capable HomePod would be a great win for consumers and Apple overall.