Homework Assignment

Posted by Matt Birchler
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Homework Assignment

Assignment: If you work somewhere with people on computers much of the day, tomorrow take note of how many people use more than one window on screen at a time. Note that this is a per monitor thing, so no credit if they have 1 app on each screen. If they have one app on screen but it's not taking up the full page, I'd count that the same, but use your discretion there on how you count it.

Let me know on Twitter what the proportion is of full screeners verses tiled windows folks.

Context: I want to hear how people around you use their computers. There has been a hubbub this week about multitasking and in my experience, almost no one uses multiple windows on screen at a time. Even very smart developers who are keenly aware of how computers work will slam any app they’re using into full screen immediately after opening it.

This is true of my wife, my friends, and my co-workers at my 3 most recent jobs. I’ve been the weirdo who has 4 apps up across 2 monitors! The image at the top of this post is the most common setup I see from our devs, and below is what I typically have going.