How Be My Eyes is working with OpenAI to make a more accessible future

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Steven Aquino writing for Forbes: Be My Eyes CEO Mike Buckley Talks OpenAI Boardroom Saga, ‘Life-Changing’ Tech, More

Specific to Be My Eyes’ application of OpenAI’s technologies, Buckley explained he and his team provided Open AI with “very direct feedback” based on needs of the Blind and low vision community, adding that OpenAI took the feedback and acted on it in highly specific ways such as “laws and regulatory environments.”


Buckley said he received a “tearful thank you” from a Blind user who said Be My Eyes enabled him to use and enjoy his Instagram feed because the photos were described to him.

I really think that AI tools that can look at the world around you (whether it be a picture, some text, or live video) and help you understand it is hugely useful and will benefit people who are unable to observe their surroundings like many of us can. Google is harnessing this tech to enable universal image descriptions on Android, and I think this is exactly the sort of use case we should be celebrating with these new tools.