I Subscribe to Way Too Many Newsletters…These are my Favorites

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

I haven’t done a good List of Things I Like post in a while, so here goes! Here are some of the newsletters I subscribe to and enjoy basically every time they hit my inbox. And by doing this, I realized…wow, I subscribe to a lot!

Platformer by Casey Newton (daily, $10/month)

Currently my favorite newsletter out there, Newton breaks down the day’s tech news in a thoughtful way I don’t get from anywhere else right now. His analysis is focused more on the regulation and social side of things, which is a good balance for me as I tend to focus more on the nitty gritty details of product quality myself.

Stratechery by Ben Thompson (daily, $12/month)

The classic, Stratechery continues to be a winner for me. That said, I actually don’t even read the email version of this newsletter anymore. Last year Ben Thompson added a podcast version of the daily newsletter and ever since it’s the only way I consume each issue. Insightful, opinionated, and sometimes wrong, Thompson is right more than he’s wrong, but owns up when he misses the mark. Great stuff.

Typewolf Tuesday by Jeremiah Shoaf (weekly, free)

This weekly newsletter about type is all I need to stay up to date with and be inspired by the world of typography. Short, sweet, and inevitably inspires me each time I read it.

Letters from an American by Heather Cox Richardson (free, daily)

Effectively, a very well written daily journal of what it’s like living in America’s political climate today. I don’t read every issue, and some days are literally variants on “nothing much happened today, so see you tomorrow,” but it’s very well done and I enjoy it every time I make time for it.

Another “classic,” Sidebar gives you 5 goodies in your inbox every weekday and I lamost always find at least one thing to check out form this venerable newsletter.

Slow Boring by Matt Yglesias (free, weekly-ish)

Matt Yglesias is a character, and I certainly don’t agree with nearly everything he writes, but he’s a big ideas person and even if I don’t always agree with the conclusion, it’s fun to follow along.

Switch Weekly by Chris Brandrick (free, weekly)

Simply put, the best Nintendo Switch news source out there. There are some sites that try to do this as well, but they all feel like overload and I can never grab onto what really matters. This weekly newsletter has the biggest news, opinion, and upcoming releases all in one place.

The Untitled Newsletter by Chris Lawley (free, weekly)

The newest one on this list, Lawley’s newsletters are short and sweet, and iPad-centric fun.

What’s New in Shortcuts by Matthew Cassinelli (free, weekly)

Matthew Cassinelli lives and breaths Shortcuts, and he’s unquestionably the best resource for Shortcuts stuff out there. News on Shortcuts and a few ones you can download yourself each and every week.

Antivirus by Mary Beth Griggs (free, weekly)

Following the news around Covid has been challenging, and while there is tons of information out there, I think it’s important to have this information put into context by someone who knows a hell of a lot more about the subject matter than me, and Griggs does this exceptionally well.

Toonie by Josh Ginter (free, occasional)

And finally, this newsletter about personal finance is a good read whenever it hits the old inbox, and inspires me to improve my relationship with money.

Birch Bark by me (free, weekly)!

Listen, I’m not going to apologize for including my own newsletter on this, and I would love credit for putting it at the bottom of the list. That said, you should really subscribe because it’s all about good, interesting stuff delivered right before the weekend.