I was Wrong

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Less than 24 hours after getting the latest Apple Watch, I wrote this post:

Personally, I think the sport loop watch band makes the Apple Watch look cheap. This is a $400+ watch, which is far and away the most expensive watch I’ve ever owned, but the band it comes with feels like something you would get with a $10 watch at a grocery store. I know it’s nice than those (softer fabric, nicer velcro, etc.) but it doesn’t look $40x nicer.


I’ll continue to use this band for the next few days and have a final verdict on it in my full Apple Watch Series 3 review. Maybe I’ll come around, but right now you can color me skeptical.

5 months later, I can safely say my skepticism has been quashed and this band has become my most used Apple Watch band (it’s not even close). I enjoy the comfort it provides, and I’ve even grown to like the look of it over time. Good call, Apple, this band rocks.