I'm Turning Off Twitter Cross-Posting

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

For as long as I can remember, this blog has automatically posted to its @_BirchTree account on Twitter so that people could follow my site without following all the other things I would tweet about on my @mattbirchler account.

Times change, and I'm no longer using Twitter. I'm also not terribly keen on supporting the company right now, which cross-posting to their service fundamentally is.

And frankly, my analytics show basically no one uses these links anyway (0.6% of visitors in the last 30 days came from Twitter). Bing is driving more traffic than Twitter.

Finally, in case you're like "what's the harm?" I will add that this posting is done via Zapier, and the automation for this includes multiple steps, which means I need to have a pro subscription to Zapier to make this all work. It's the only reason I have to pay for the subscription, which is $30 per month. That an insane amount to pay to boost my traffic by 0.6%.

If you'd like to keep following along, I would suggest RSS is by far the best way, or you can follow me over on Mastodon where I am still cross-posting.