Instagram is Changing the Direction of Watch Fashion

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Instagram has totally changed how watches are designed | WIRED UK

[I]t should be little surprise that the watch world has witnessed a colour explosion in the past two years, alongside a profound loosening of once-rigid codes around style. Not long ago, the appearance of a blue watch dial was considered newsworthy […] now dials in rich greens, crimson, brown and purple, often heighted by textures and gradients, are increasingly the norm.

Bolder designs are thriving in the post-Instagram world of watches, as they simply photograph better and get you to stop your infinite scrolling for a second to maybe make a sale. Makes total sense to me, even as I’ve been out of the regular watch world for years. After years with the Apple Watch, I don’t know how I could ever spend hundreds of dollars on a watch that I could never change to fit my mood/outfit/activity.