Jerry Seinfeld Brings the Heat

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Opinion | Jerry Seinfeld: So You Think New York Is ‘Dead’ - The New York Times

Energy, attitude and personality cannot be “remoted” through even the best fiber optic lines. That’s the whole reason many of us moved to New York in the first place.
You ever wonder why Silicon Valley even exists? I have always wondered, why do these people all live and work in that location? They have all this insane technology; why don’t they all just spread out wherever they want to be and connect with their devices? Because it doesn’t work, that’s why.


You will not bounce back. In your enervated, pastel-filled new life in Florida. I hope you have a long, healthy run down there. I can’t think of a more fitting retribution for your fine article.
This stupid virus will give up eventually. The same way you have.

Damn, Jerry!